Protecting tomorrow’s economy from cyber and technology related risks.

Y-ProTech policies are 100% underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. Our policyholders benefit from the unique Lloyd’s Chain of Security that has protected clients for over 300 years. A.M. Bests financial strength rating “A” (Excellent) XV.

Y-Protech Overview and Highlights

Cyber Risk Management Center

We are committed to providing our policy holders with information security tools, tips and techniques in order to try and prevent cyber-related incidents before they happen. To assist with this, we have created a risk management portal for our policyholders, which features industry and technology news, information, tools, and advice.

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Cyber Incident Response Center

In order to provide rapid first line support to all our policyholders, in the event of a suspected cyber breach or cyber extortion, threat, we offer a 24/7 cyber incident response center. The contact center is managed by a privacy law firm who is available at all times to respond to suspected or live data breach, privacy incident, or other cyber incidents.

Policyholders will be assigned to a breach counsel who will coordinate any access to Y-Risk’s panel of vendors.

Approved Cyber Vendors